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Motorists, stop whingeing and get bus instead

What is it with motorists and their never-ending whingeing? They whinge about the cost of road tax, the cost of insurance, about the price of petrol and the state of the roads.

They whinge about cyclists, about pedestrians, about bus lanes, about having to pay fines for breaking traffic laws, about traffic management schemes, about having to sit with thousands of other motorists in gridlocked traffic, whingeing about not being able to go anywhere because of the gridlocked traffic. They then blame this on everyone but themselves. It's not buses, bicycles or pedestrians that cause traffic congestion. It's the amount of cars on the roads - the vast majority of which are single-occupancy.

Not content with blocking up the roads, they now feel they have a right to block the pavements, with no regard whatsoever for those of us who have to use them.

Not a thought for pensioners with shopping trolleys, or walking aids; mothers with buggies; wheelchair-users, or the blind.

It is now commonplace for our pavements to be used as free car parking spaces.

If one questions this illegal and dangerous practice, one is met with a torrent of foul-mouthed abuse. Yes, it could be argued that the new layout around the city centre is causing problems. That is only to be expected. But instead of sitting there fuming, how about getting your backsides out of your polluting tin boxes and walking, or even taking a bus?



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