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Move on, in the interest of peace and harmony

The Unionist scream 'Never Never Never' is as much a threat to the people who desire a united Ireland as Enda Kenny's 'united Ireland' remark is to people who desire to remain in the union. (No threat) So in the interests of peace and harmony live with it and move on.


Another day of fury and outrage over the mere suggestion of a united Ireland being a possibility sometime in the future; it may happen or maybe it won't. The more pressing concern is to achieve a united Northern Ireland, bridging the sectarian and political divide.


The overwhelming majority of people have never lived in a united Ireland. What's the gripe with living in NI when discrimination can be outlawed by the British courts and if that does not suit, you have the EU courts. Is it just to feel a bit more Irish, but those who live in NI and those who hold Irish passports say they are Irish anyway.

jamaican pie

I don't see why a united Ireland would be end to all life as we know it... there would be over 1.2 million voters who need to go into the pot and we all need to have our say.

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A more realistic phrase would have been: "Ireland will be solvent again one day - but not in the near future. The priority is austerity and not getting another bailout."


I think it is very sad that so many people on this forum seem to equate that Catholic Majority = United Ireland. We need to stop thinking in these terms, it is simply not true, while I do not have Catholic friends who I believe vote for the DUP or UUP I have Catholic friends who are Unionist.


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