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MPs get a pay rise while we're struggling to live

After hearing about the 10% pay rise for MPs I was outraged and did what we should all be doing and emailed every Northern Ireland MP, telling them of my disgust and imploring them to do the decent thing by publicly rejecting the decision and donating the increase to a charity or service that has been hit by this Government's actions in the name of austerity.

Austerity clearly only applies to the people like me who work for next to nothing, providing a service that cares for our vulnerable people.

How many of our elected representatives responded to my letter? Only one: Margaret Ritchie. She agreed with me and set up a monthly direct debit to a charity in response to this pay rise.

Well done, Margaret, for being an accessible politician. And to all you other seat-warmers, enjoy your money while it lasts, because when you become a vulnerable person, through age, disability, or even unemployment, don't count on your MP to do anything about it as they will be getting paid regardless.


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