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MPs should reconsider same-sex marriage

Like many I am at quite a loss to understand how both Mark Durkan and Naomi Long sided with the other 398 other members of Parliament, in legislating for same-sex marriage.

Our sincere hope, and earnest prayer, is that members in the House of Lord will overrule, for the good of the nation as a whole.

If I am not mistaken, the majority of their constituents don't want it either.

I was under the impression that Naomi Long's constituency in east Belfast fell in an area that has many genuine Bible-believing Churches, representing countless born-again Christians.

It is also an area where many morally upright people, with no religion, live as well. Therefore I find it difficult to believe that her mail bag and e-mail box was overflowing with letters favouring or even requesting these bizarre unions. Her constituents are more discerning and wiser than that.

As this desperately sad debate continues, as it inevitably will in Parliament and in Northern Ireland, I sincerely hope Naomi Long and Mark Durkan will reconsider and reverse their decisions.

I am almost certain that this is what the vast majority of their constituents want.

Donald J Morrison


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