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Mr Stern is an Israeli propagandist blind to reality

It is sad to witness the snide remarks of Martin D Stern (Write Back, January 26). That and his outright refusal to debate, or answer, the scenario I posed (and his arrogant presumption of what I take as self-evident and his accusation of regurgitating others' propaganda). The words "pot" and "black" come to mind.

Put bluntly, his current rant bears no relevance whatsoever to what is happening on the ground in Palestine.

As he refuses to debate any valid points put to him, I have come to a conclusion - as he deals with spin and I deal with fact - that any future correspondence is pointless.

I maintain the Palestinians were treated very badly (and still are) by their tormentors and jailers. As a farewell to Martin, I will quote an interview I watched over Christmas.

A Jewish family were standing on the side of a road in Palestine, with suitcases and looking forlorn. A TV reporter came along and enquired why they were standing there.

The lady replied: "I have returned home with my father, husband and children to find strangers living in our property." The reporter said: "That is distressing for you. I will go to the authorities and get this sorted out." As he was leaving, he said: "By the way, how long were you away from your property?" She replied: "Two thousand years."

With that mentality, what is the point in going on?


Banbridge, Co Down

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