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Much of today's alleged austerity is self-inflicted

So, the "parties of the people" - ie Labour, Sinn Fein and the Scottish National Party - speak in unison about Government austerity? For a start, I am sure there is not one single politician from any of these parties that is suffering from the effects of such austerity.

I would go further than that and say that none of these politicians - without exception - knows the meaning of the word... unless they were born before the end of the Second World War.

Much of today's austere living conditions are self-inflicted, in that today's housekeeper has become too reliant on costly, ready-made meals and/or where their culinary skills are more or less non-existent when it comes to dressing and cooking (say) a fish, pheasant or even a humble rabbit. Offal is another nutritious commodity; it is cheap and easily cooked.

Take a walk through any shopping centre and what do you see? Humanity of all ages, obese, with difficulty in walking, undoubtedly well-known at their doctor's surgery, so no austerity here then.

Besides this, the National Health Service claims that the cost to treat the ailments associated with obesity is in the region of £10bn annually.

On the cosmetic issue of austerity, it is impossible not to notice all breeds of humanity tattooed, front and back and from top to bottom, including earrings attached to unimaginable places of the body. So, no austerity here either then.

Britain alone dumps millions of tons of food annually. Goodness knows what it is in other Western economies, particularly the USA.

I know what austerity means. I have witnessed and experienced it. The taxpayer should not asked to financially support some gluttonous, bloated specimen of humanity - never mind decorating him/her with a tattooed map of the world and a ring on their snout.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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