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Much-vaunted Stormont accord fudges all the big issues

So the consensus appears to be that the 'Fresh Start' is a mutual humiliation of both the DUP and Sinn Fein.

Apparently, according to some commentators, this is a good thing; at least they have both been slapped down equally.

Personally I, like the vast majority don't actually care too much anymore, as long as I can have a relatively safe existence, access to a modern health service and my children get a reasonably well funded education, I'll be happy.

So the question is will the new start give me any of that? For a start what about the safe bit?

Well probably not - for all the fine sounding words, nothing in relation to paramilitarism, or political parties linked to paramilitarism, seems to have changed.

Then of course, I am looking for a modern health service; clearly nothing in the so-called agreement will address the fundamental problems in our health service. And the same goes for education. Unless you are part of the 'special category systems' there will be no more money!


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