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Mugabe will be no loss to world democracy

News of a military coup would normally be a cause for condemnation and a hope for a return to a normal life, although, in this case, the Zimbabwean coup is met with cheers.

The dictator Robert Mugabe is one of the few truly evil people in the world with the ability to act on his impulses.

A decrepit 93-year-old man would hardly seem dangerous for long, but the creation of a political and military structure with potential successors (admittedly, his younger wife) is what we need to fear.

Successive generations of unsupported leadership seems unlikely, but North Korea provides the role model and with a less-generous view arguments can be developed for a number of monarchies to be considered in the same way.

Although there are many ways leadership can be enacted, it should be with the support of those being led and, although maybe it is a biased viewpoint, I see a democratically elected leadership as the best way forward.

The world will be a better place without Mugabe in it - a sad epitaph.


Melbourne, Australia

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