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Mum devastated as young son's grave attacked

Disgusting. There's no need to vandalise a grave. It's worse than thieving. Diabolical.

Isobell Mary Horrell

This is Dee Dee's first anniversary on New Year's Day. It's been such a blow to his mother, her only son. A child's final resting place desecrated by mindless thugs.

Debbie Faulkner

Absolutely disgusting. How could anyone sink so low to do this to anyone's grave - let alone a child's? Feel so sorry for his mum.

Rachelle Harper

How low can a person stoop as to vandalise a grave?

Gloria McAleese

What is wrong with people nowadays? It's disgusting behaviour.

Donna Crawford

There are no words evil enough to call these vile people. Hope whoever is responsible gets caught.

Val Scott

God forgive them for causing so much pain to the child's mother. What is wrong with people?

Denise Smyth

What is wrong with these people?

Sandra Whitfield

Total disgrace that the dead cannot rest in peace.

Marilyn Robinson

It's terrible that anyone would do something like that. Only increasing the anguish for the family.

Nancy Hobbs Randall

Why would anyone want to do this? Leave the child's resting place alone. It's sacred ground and somewhere that the family can grieve.

Deborah Emerson

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