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Murphy's a lot to answer for over water crisis

I am sure that I am not the only person who is caught between feelings of anger and amusement over the most recent attempts of the Minister for Regional Development to hide from his responsibility for the water crisis.

In the past week Mr Murphy has announced an inquiry into the water crisis, which helpfully allows him to avoid answering any questions related to the inquiry's remit. He has attempted to deflect discussion away from water by launching several consolations, including a document on creating powers for local councils to erect road signs in Irish; this is clearly an attempt to distract disgruntled grass roots Sinn Feiners, many of whom suffered greatly over Christmas and the New Year.

But perhaps the most confusing part is that Mr Murphy appears to believe he can avoid responsibility for the water crisis by allowing blame to be attributed to the management of NI Water. People appear to have forgotten that only last year Mr Murphy sacked several members of NI Water management, replacing them with his own, handpicked, candidates.

In doing this, he made himself inextricably linked to the management of NI Water; Mr Murphy cannot deny responsibility for the shambolic response of that management to the recent crisis because it was he himself who chose that management team.

John Hussey

East Belfast.


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