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Museum of Troubles should centre on victims

The announcement by the First Minister that the 'shrine to terrorism' at the Maze is to be open by 2015 is yet another climb down by the DUP.

They ostensibly opposed the building of a stadium on the grounds of opposition to the 'glorification of terrorism' and yet they now announce that the 'conflict resolution centre' will continue. Why? Clearly, there is a need for a 'museum' of the Troubles.

The conflict is a major part of our history, but building it at the Maze associates the Troubles with the perpetrators and not the innocent victims.

It will also associate the museum with one side of our community.

It would basically surrender Northern Ireland's history to Irish republicans. The former Crumlin Road jail would be far more historically appropriate and would also be less controversial than the Maze.

The 'Crum' has incarcerated some of the major players in the history of the Troubles - including Ian Paisley - and would be far better sited in the centre of Belfast.

The people of Northern Ireland, the innocent victims and the people who suffer day and daily because of the Troubles deserve to be at the centre of this story not the terrorists.

I challenge Peter Robinson or Nigel Dodds to explain why the DUP is supporting the Maze


Portadown, Co Armagh


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