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Music and drink sectors must fund rehab centres

Being five years past my sell-by-date (75), it goes without saying that I was not a fan of the late Amy Winehouse's brand of music.

Now I learn from the media that Amy's father, Mitch, would like the Government to create rehabilitation centres for people who become addicted to drugs.

While this is an honourable cause, I cannot help but feel there are others who should contribute financially to such centres.

First, we have the financial moguls that control the music industry. The only note they desire is the £5 note.

Then we have the shareholders of the alcohol industry - like the music world another multi-billion pound industry. They are the controllers of all the alcohol addicts on the planet. However, ironic as it seems, it is claimed in the media that the popularity of the late Amy Winehouse (like the late Elvis Presley), and the wealth of her estate, does not suffer on her demise, but actually increases.

As the late John F Kennedy once said, do not ask what your country can do for you, but ask yourself what you can do for your country. So with the utmost respect, I suggest to Mr Winehouse that the greatest legacy his daughter could leave would be her wealth in creating rehabilitation centres. The same applies to the alcohol/music industries; it is they who should create these centres.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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