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Muslims must not forget persecuted Christians

I understand that President Barack Obama is happy to allow a Muslim mosque to be built in the vicinity of New York's Ground Zero site.

I would agree with him that Muslims should be accorded the same respect and freedom to worship as members of any other religious group.

I wonder, though, if the president is aware of how Christian people are made to suffer for their faith by Muslim extremists in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and many other Islamic countries.

I frequently get literature from charitable organisations telling horrendous stories of how Christian men, women and children are actively being persecuted by shooting, imprisonment and death at the hands of militant Muslim activists.

If any of your readers would like to know more of the plight of these thousands of persecuted Christians, I would willingly supply them with addresses of the relevant organisations.

I do wish that the President of the United States would also have the opportunity to read this literature.

In the month of Ramadan, when much prayer is offered up by all of the devout Muslims, perhaps they might remember to pray for these Christians and include them in their charitable words and works.

They might pray also that all minority religions, like Christianity, might be allowed to enjoy the same freedom of worship as Muslims do in American and Western European countries.


Omagh, Co Tyrone


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