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Must I downsize?

Once again I am amazed at the arrogance and out of touch views of a Government official.

Alan Bronte of the Rating Service seeks to reassure us on future rates rises by asserting that "the next revaluation will mean larger bills in areas where there has been an above-average rise in house prices, and smaller bills for homes in areas where the rise in house prices has been below average" (Write Back, December 4).

So, because I live in an area where house prices have risen rapidly I can afford higher rates bills? My salary has not risen commensurate with my house value and unless I downsize to a cheaper area my ability to pay has, if anything, diminished with increased mortgage payments, fuel price rises etc. Mr Bronte, I am a long way from being reassured.

Or to put it another way, Mr Bronte, what planet are you living on?

Concerned Resident Belfast

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