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My pension’s up, by 1p-a-day

As a pensioner and a busy campaigner for older people’s rights, I wish to draw attention to the latest dodge from a leading bank.

I was employed by this bank for a few years from 1992 until I took redundancy.

Not very long, I became entitled to a pension. I accepted what I was given and thought it would help — along with what Mr Blair was going to give me.

Today I received notification about the increase to my bank pension for the year 2010 to 2011 — £3.72. At last, I thought, a reasonable rise. It will all help, what with water rates etc all coming in this year. Alas, this was £3.72 for the year. That breaks down to 31p per month. A penny per day.

This bank was taken over by the Danes and was also the one which managed to lose £26m of our money.

I comfort myself with the thought that with all the high bonuses that the banks give out to their high-earners, it will take quite a while to recoup their losses of £26m from the pensioners.



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