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My tree safety concerns are being ignored

Recent days have produced a plethora of startling storm pictures of collapsed walls and fallen trees that have flattened many cars.

In a recent Belfast Telegraph, there was a front page picture of a little family under the headline "My daughter could have been killed by falling tree".

My own particular concern is the six massive Leylandii trees growing on my neighbour's property that tower menacingly over my back garden and house.

Not only do they block out most sunlight, but as they are now over four decades old, they have reached massive proportions and are likely to come down very soon.

To add insult to injury, an aged working power line runs through these trees' branches and across my property, to feed my neighbour's house.

If these trees fall, it is possible that they could cause significant damage to my house or even injure someone in my family.

When I contacted Castlereagh Council, the Department of the Environment and even the electricity company, all they could offer was sympathy.

When pushed, each one referred me to some other department. Each stated that they could not set foot on my neighbour's land without his permission.

As usual, it seems that our public representatives just sit on their hands oblivious to everything that concerns that 'small' man.

TJ McClean



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