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My warnings are ringing in the ears of UUP

Attending recent political and constituency events, I have been surprised to find a perception persuading people - somewhat erroneously - that I have been removed from politics. This is far from being the case.

My unjustified treatment and grossly unfair suspension for nine months from membership of the UUP does not - and will not - interfere with my duties as an MLA.

Nor is my position curtailed by a folly declaring that my future rests on an invasion of little green men. I will continue to engage, speak out, champion and challenge on issues which need a voice and require a hearing.

Come November, my intention is to take my place in the seating area reserved for elected Ulster Unionist MLAs.

I was not a part of the ousting of Tom Elliott. It is now clear to all who wish to see how the obvious was staring them in the face: the purge of those who no longer fit began some time ago.

No doubt that is a significant contributory factor to the uneasiness prevalent in UUP groupings today. They can't say that the warnings given by me at the time are not now ringing in their ears.



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