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Myers insulted the Protestant community

I THOUGHT I was reading an article by an IRA bomber when I read Kevin Myers' most-recent column (Comment, June 30).

But, no, this was a journalist who, although at liberty to share his opinion, is not at liberty to insult an entire community of his fellow countrymen.

Myers goes way beyond simple reporting of the unfortunate violence between the two communities in east Belfast. (And there is no mention of a fellow journalist being shot by his holy republicans).

Myers also portrays Protestantism as being foreign to Ireland's shores, thus highlighting his total ignorance of important historical facts.

He slanders an entire football club (Rangers) and its fans. He portrays Irish Protestant culture as backward and barbarian.

Myers appears to justify IRA bloodlust. He blames Protestants, and indeed their churches, for centuries of bigotry in Ireland.

'Let history be our guide,' says Myers. Well, Irish and British history appears to be far from what Myers is reporting.

Coming into a season where Irish Protestants wish to display their culture and heritage, let us hope they are allowed to do so in peace.

If Protestant displays of culture can be left in peace, it will not be thanks to Kevin Myers.




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