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Myers picks on an easy target once again

Kevin Myers (Comment, August 12) has once again twisted himself into an obscene position in order to provoke a reaction.

As a pretext for a bigoted rant on the incendiary topic of race, he claims that most of the rioters in Britain are black sons of single mums.

This flies in the face of the evidence shown on all our television screens and, indeed, in your paper and on your website.

Undoubtedly, many of the rioters can be described in Mr Myers's crude terms as black, because that description covers an awful lot of the people you will see on the streets of Tottenham, Clapham, Salford and Liverpool on any given day. Many could also be called white working class. Many others are merely bored, or curious.

We are a mixed-race society and, as our economic predicament will clearly worsen in the near future, racial bigotry is one of the fault-lines along which we might well splinter.

The answer to our problems is not to see scapegoats among the poor, the alien and the disadvantaged.

On the contrary, we must unite, sharing our hardships and challenges, punishing those truly guilty and protecting the innocent and the weak.


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