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Myers right to speak out on who is corrupt

How refreshing it is to read Kevin Myers on a Friday as he not only recognises that parts of Ireland (north and south) are corrupt and amoral, but has the courage to speak out, while so many decent, intelligent people pretend everything in the garden is lovely.

As, for instance, Ed Curran's column (Comment, March 12), headed 'Will Martin be able to reach out and meet the Monarch?', as though it was most desirable and important for the Queen to shake the hand and exchange pleasantries with a terrorist.

I find it disgusting that decent, law-abiding civil servants are expected to call McGuinness 'Sir', but the Queen should be allowed to give him a wide berth.

At the time of Her Majesty's visit to Dublin, it was said that, by refusing meet her, McGuinness had let himself down. How can someone like McGuinness let himself down any further?


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