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Myers' 'sick' views on gay marriages

I AM writing to you because I felt sick on reading Kevin Myers' offensive article in your newspaper (Comment, January 6).

As a gay man living in Belfast with my partner of 19 years, I find it ironic that you publish an article by Mr Myers that talks, among other things, with obvious horror about Sir Elton John's partner being described as his 'so-called husband' when, from my own experience in applying for civil partnership at the City Hall, I was handed a marriage application and told to fill it in as 'it's the same thing'.

It is all the more offensive that Mr Myers writes of 'the fear of being kicked to death' by a gang of gay lesbians for his views when, from my own experience on a night out in the Odyssey only two months ago at a concert, my 'so-called' husband and I had beer poured over us and were berated as 'f*****g faggots'.

If only we enjoyed the same privileges as Kevin evidently enjoys, perhaps the world would be a different place.

I would love to hear his wife's view. Does she really support her husband's view that a married man should not be prosecuted for renting a woman for his own enjoyment? (see Kevin Myers's Wikipedia entry).




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