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Naming of park after IRA man is appalling

The news that Newry and Mourne District Council have voted to retain the name of a local children's play park after a convicted IRA terrorist is appalling.

What I cannot understand is, how can this be allowed?

There have been laws and Government agencies put in place to ensure a rights-based society.

We have numerous Equality Commissioners, a Children's Commissioner, Victims commissioners and the most comprehensive anti- discrimination legislation in the western world.

How then is it possible that a council, a publicly funded body, can approve a policy that clearly flaunts the principles that these measures and agencies were intended to uphold.

Surely the public, who fund these expensive bodies are entitled to ask what they are doing?

Children are entitled to be protected from pernicious politicisation of play spaces.

The impact of elevating of a terrorist to almost heroic status borders on indoctrination for children. Does this council facility ensure a neutral workplace for staff who maintain it?

What about the victims of this individual? Do the Victim's Commissioners not have a responsibility to ensure that public bodies put the rights of victims to the fore.

It is affront to public decency, and it's time action was taken,

Disgusted Taxpayer


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