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Naming play-park after IRA killer is macabre

We hear and read many platitudes and cliches of how, while not everything is perfect in this new political dispensation of ours, we are all moving forward.

Is this a naive and erroneous mantra espoused by political parties and politicians?

It is, I believe, if one reflects on a decision by Newry and Mourne council, which has elevated an IRA killer and named a children's playground after him. Where, I wonder, was the empathy, compassion, support and acknowledgement for his victims?

Not to mention the so-called equality charters and shared space commitments that the council actively promotes.

Raymond McCreesh was not just any IRA member (if, indeed, there is such a person). No, he was a member directly linked to multiple murders in south Armagh and to the genocide of 10 Protestant workers at Kingsmills - an attack which all right-thinking people would distance themselves from.

Not so if you're an elected member of this council, where they decided it's quite appropriate to name a play area 'Raymond McCreesh Park' in a macabre act of remembrance to this individual.

The sad thing is that there are choreographed statements of disapproval which are but mere ripples in a pool which very quickly dissipate. Will we, on the other hand, see our church leaders and our politicians ensure the grotesque naming of a play-park after McCreesh is reversed?


Hillsborough, Co Down

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