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Naomi is an inspiration for women everywhere

I refer to the letter from Alan Drennan (Write Back, April 13), which seemed to suggest that Naomi Long's decision to target women in the upcoming Westminster election is an underhand tactic - a suggestion which only goes to show his naivety.

As polling day draws closer, literature from political parties from across the spectrum will flood our mailboxes. These largely generic leaflets will fail to spark huge interest among a growing apathetic electorate - except for one.

That's where Alliance differs. As a female living in east Belfast, I was delighted to receive a letter from Naomi, which, above all other considerations, asked me to exercise my right to vote on May 7.

Naomi's no-nonsense approach and refusal to submit to bully-boy tactics make her an inspiration for women everywhere.

Over the past five years, Naomi and Alliance have been a breath of fresh air for east Belfast, signalling a major change and an end to the tribal politics many would drag us back to at the first opportunity.

That's where this gentleman's naivety comes in. I'm sure, over the next few weeks, Naomi will be asking many people for their vote and in various ways - just like her political rivals will be doing. If Mr Drennan wasn't clear before, this is how an election campaign works. The key difference is Naomi puts her name on everything - not like the men in grey suits, who hid behind a bogus leaflet in the hope of blocking the very progress Naomi Long stands for and we all need.



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