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'Nationalist' Ormeau Road is a media myth

The Belfast Telegraph article about how a dissident march had been given the go-ahead for Belfast City Centre (Aug 1) included the statement that the Ormeau Road was "an area now predominantly nationalist".

Similar statements have been made by the BBC and other media.

However, except for Sinn Fein saying that this is correct, I can find nothing to back it up.

In fact, if you go to the NISRA's (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency) website, (its last poll available is 2011) and put in a postcode from the Upper Ormeau area, it suggests the following data: 43.58% are Catholic, 42.30% are Protestant.

Further, 43.16% regard themselves as British, 26.82% as Northern Irish and 34.77% Irish Nationalist. This is hardly "predominantly nationalist".

What's even more revealing is that using a postcode from the now famous "Lower Ormeau Road" – now known as a nationalist area – comes back with exactly the same percentages, suggesting that the poll covers the whole of the road. Which, in turn, would lead you to believe that the Upper part of the Ormeau Road would be more "British" than "nationalist".


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