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Nationalists can switch off, victims cannot

AS the marching season gets under way, I have no doubt that many in the nationalist community will have deep resentful feelings about flute bands, bonfires, banners, parades and their routes.

I, for one, can understand their sense of hurt and frustration. However, may I ask that normal nationalists spare a thought for the victims of IRA murderers, who posed as your liberators.

The Twelfth is but a short period of time and nationalists can choose not to watch activities that offend them. The endless files of IRA victims have no such luxury. They have to endure the presence at Stormont of the architects of terror.

I do hope that this different perspective on 'offence' shows the other side of the coin and that normal nationalists begin to understand the scars left by the IRA and their puppet-masters.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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