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Needs of disabled ignored in city airport’s new pick-up system

I agree with the sentiments voiced by Belfast’s former Lord Mayor, Jim Rodgers (April 29), concerning the new George Best Belfast City Airport pick-up and drop-off arrangements for passengers.

They are indeed a “total and utter disgrace” and, equally importantly, will cause disabled travellers a much greater deal of hardship.

I am a frequent flyer and have a chronic disability and feel there has been no thought given to the needs or rights of the disabled.

As an example, while I accept the temporary nature of the present situation while work continues, a temporary building in the short-stay car park with an ill-fitted ramp and no seating or means of contacting the terminal building is, I think, proof that the needs of the disabled minority are, yet again, to be ignored to generate greater car parking revenues behind a veneer of improvement for security’s sake.

A much more logical solution would have been to allocate the present so called ‘restricted zone’ immediately across from the terminal entrance as a disabled parking and drop-off/pick-up point.

This would not have heightened the security risk since coaches and taxis already gain much closer proximity to the main terminal building.

I would be very interested to know which of the disability groups the airport authority or the Transport Police consulted in reaching their decision to renovate in this way.

I would also be equally interested to hear the views of any of the various disability rights groups since to date they seem to have been very quiet on this subject.

Gordon Clarke


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