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Neither Churchill nor Macmillan would have supported remaining in the European Union

Letter of the day: Brexit debate

John Kennedy writes towards the end of his letter (Writeback, April 24) that a vein of fantasy runs through Brexit policy-making. He then goes on to name three former Tory prime ministers - I would assume as flag-wavers for the EU.

In Ted Heath he is, I think, right. He, after all, took us into the-then Common Market. He didn't bother with negotiations - he just gave them what they asked for, including the fisheries policy, which, for our fishermen, has been nothing short of a disaster.

He also agreed to the Common Agricultural Policy, which, except for a little of our money being given back to our farmers, is, by and large, a French stitch-up.

Harold Macmillan failed in his attempts, but, then again, that was for the Common Market. What would he make of today's EU, with its never-ending pursuit of power and the plight of Greece etc?

I would make a guess that, as a proponent and scholar of Greek and Latin (he was, of course, a well-known patriot, too), he would be for Brexit.

We now come to Winston Churchill, a very controversial figure. But, on the UK and Europe, he made a speech after the Second World War in which he urged the European countries to come together.

He encouraged the original six members in their objectives, but, referring to the UK, he ended by saying that we should be "of Europe", but not "in Europe".


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