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Neither dissidents nor Connolly represent anyone

The targeting of an innocent Catholic PSNI officer and her child in Kilkeel with an under-car bomb by dissident republicans is to be totally and fully condemed by all right-thinking people.

Yet former Sinn Fein Councillor for Newry and Mourne, Martin Connolly, the uncle of the innocent woman, has instead decided to publically offer no words of condemnation.

For an elected representative to fail to condemn the murder attempt is nothing short of reprehensible - if not callous. People like Martin Connolly do not deserve to hold public office, and are out of touch with public opinion.

Dissidents had no regard whatsoever for that woman and her child when they planted the bomb in the name of freeing Ireland from British military occupation.

There is widespread revulsion and disgust at the ongoing bomb attempts recently in Kilkeel, Derry, and Belfast by a group of extremist dissident republicans who have no mandate or political strategy or direction.

Dissident republicans - through their criminal and paramilitary activities - and Martin Connolly are on the margins of society, and have nothing positive to offer the people of Ireland. The targeted female Catholic PSNI officer was simply serving her community for the good of the community, and she will no doubt continue to do so - something which neither dissident republicans nor Councillor Martin Connolly would know anything about.


Dundrum, Co Down


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