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Nelson's views would be at home with Pol Pot

According to the north's 'one culture' minister, Nelson McCausland, the earth was created by God over six 24-hour days sometime between the last 5,700 and 10,000 years.

He lambasted the Ulster Museum for disproportionately promoting this aul notion of evolution.Instead, Nelson demands the museum afford equal space to his concept of 'creationism' which he claims is supported by 30% of the north's population.

If that 30% exists, according to Nelson, who, don't forget, also claims that Ulster Scots is a language and that the Orange Order is a cultural body, then perhaps the Assembly should invest in a crane to lift the big rock they've been living under for the past 200 years.

'Young Earth Creationists' dismiss Darwin's Theory of Evolution, scientific fact, fossilised animals, carbon-dated millions upon millions of years back, never mind a good dose of common sense.

While some may take the Bible literally, when it suits them, most Christians would accept that Genesis is merely attempting to describe the creation of earth to a simpler people, in a simpler time.

You can agree with Nelson, good luck with that; believe he is entitled to his view, regardless of how mad it is, or oppose the craziness of such a figure attempting to promote views that would be at home with Pol Pot's Year Zero logic. May common sense prevail and that big rock be lifted. Let there be light, Nelson.


Fermanagh Ogra Sinn Fein


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