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Nesbitt lacks vision for the UUP's future

The UUP's dilemma is well summed up by Mike Nesbitt (Comment, February 3). He looks back to the early-1980s for inspiration, including a Northern Ireland football team "that won the last-ever Home Championship".

His strategy for success seems to be built around his view that "political power rotates, no matter what system you devise". That may be true, but it doesn't follow that the UUP will ever benefit.

The UUP's problem is that it has no vision, or strategy. Mr Nesbitt has nothing more to offer than: "If I could inject a characteristic into the DNA of Ulster Unionism today, it would be confidence."

I was also surprised to note that his article about turning around the fortunes of the UUP didn't include a single mention of Tom Elliott, let alone a single mention of any policy, or belief, that differentiates the UUP from the DUP, or even Conservatives.

Any opportunity for the revival of the UUP seems, according to his analysis, to be dependent on the DUP getting it wrong. What happened to his previous support for Opposition? What happened to the 'game-changer' he promoted at the last election?

I'm probably not the only one who will have read his article as more of a marker for a possible leadership challenge in the very near future.


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