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Never mind AV, let's have fewer politicians

As if the people hadn't enough to worry about, along comes another problem for them to decide: whether to vote for the system of 'first past the post' - a system that has been tried, tested and successful for as long as I can remember - or to change to the alternative vote (AV) system.

Nothing is perfect in this world and this is particularly relevant to politics. But the calibre of honesty, integrity and vision that a candidate has for him/her to get elected is more important than the system of voting.

Hence, I view those wishing to change the voting system as an admission of failure by the previous/present incumbents and/or the newcomers wishing to avail themselves of the gravy train of unscrupulous behaviour at the taxpayers expense.

It doesn't take rocket science to see that, if politics was such a demanding job, poorly paid, no pension prospects, Joe Public would not have a list of candidates to ponder over in placing his/her vote.

It has to be remembered that our present global society of economic and environmental mess, human slaughter in almost every country on the planet, not to mention the heart-wrenching poverty that billions are experiencing, has been created by politicians. We need fewer of them - not more.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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