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New agreement is required after series of crises

I,for one, hope that the current political crisis will result in the termination of the Belfast Agreement and that the talks between the parties and the two governments will create a better agreement.

The Belfast Agreement is flawed, as it is based on lies and double standards. Any political agreement with such a troubled history cannot stand for long.

Contrary to the consensus, the Belfast Agreement has barely operated since 1998. There have been many crises, suspensions, subsequent agreements, talks, threats and problems.

Moreover, there are two very good reasons why a new agreement is required. One, there is a growing Catholic population in the north, which will be larger than the Protestant population in less than a decade. Secondly, the Belfast Agreement says nothing about Scottish nationalism.

Scotland is well on track to freedom. This will result in a fundamental change to the UK.

An alternative agreement does not imply that there will be violence.

To make such a claim is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Let us see who among the parties and the governments has the courage to suggest a new agreement.

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