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'New DUP' has swapped principle for power

I WANT to warn the Protestant working-class that the DUP – the political party they have trusted for so long – like a straying spouse, is having an affair.

The 'New DUP' encouraged people to take a stand against the lowering of the Union flag at Belfast City Hall, yet, when they took to the streets, they deserted them.

In Upper Bann, they have been less than active in their support for Craigavon Senior High School; in fact, they have sacrificed it to curry favour with the grammar school lobby.

Their 'Save the Dickson Plan' campaign – cravenly supported by all the other unionist parties – is a sham to win middle-class votes.

In their lust for power, they seem to have abandoned all their principles and sold their soul. The 'New DUP' got into power on Paisley's coat-tails.

But, now he's gone, we are starting to find out that the bond of trust they once had with the electorate has gone.

This 'New DUP' reminds me of the husband who cheats on the wife who has stood by him through the hard times, but now wants to play away with a gold-digger who wouldn't give him the time of day. To add insult to injury, not only does he want the wife to turn a blind eye; he wants her approval.

People like that are not short of cheek and have no shame. They have one face for the wife and another for the mistress.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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