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'New' Health cash shows cynicism and failure of DUP

The Health Minister's series of unconnected announcements about money being found for projects in his last days in office - most recently on the training of nurses - represents a desperate last-gasp attempt to make up for five years of letting the public down.

That he has rushed out all these announcements right at the end of the Assembly term, throughout which the DUP held the ministry, speaks of that party's long-term failure in office.

Naturally, any funding for the health service is to be welcomed. However, the nursing posts being announced will take at least three years before one sets foot on a hospital ward.

Yet the pressures were foreseeable three years ago. Those positions, plus many hundred more, should already be filled now.

The other announcements show the same failure to plan ahead. Only now is structural reform proceeding, only now is tackling waiting lists being funded and only now is the nursing shortage being addressed.

We cannot afford another five years of stalling and excuses.


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