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New MPs must fight for real social issues

I find it most depressing that politicians managed to bring irrelevancies to the fore in the general election campaign.

The Union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in no immediate danger. Irish unity will, perhaps, come in the long term, but only through negotiation and not through a premature border poll, which will only cause division.

All the politicians can do about Brexit is try and make the best of a bad job after a referendum characterised by deception, half-truths and downright lies. Ultimately, EU member states will determine conditions.

We have not heard so much about immediate concerns. 'Cash for ash' seems to have been put on the back-burner (so to speak).

Are you concerned about crime levels? Are drugs a worry? What about cuts in benefits? What about the National Health Service?

Do we want further education budget cuts? What about social care? Will you manage on your retirement pension? The list goes on.

We don't need shibboleth-shouting. We do need representatives with a proven record, who will fight both inside and outside of Westminster for our social services and oppose any erosion of our living standards.



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