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New reading scheme a big help to children

As a primary school teacher who has recently been trained in linguistic phonics, I am delighted to find reading material that I can use in the classroom to reinforce my teaching of sounds.

See and Sound reading scheme has been written and published in Northern Ireland. It uses the very simple technique of highlighting the target sound in a different colour so that the child can "see" the sounds that form the words more easily.

This is particularly advantageous for all children, but especially for those children who struggle to make the connection between sounds and words.

See and Sound will undoubtedly help parents who often find the variations of sounds children are taught very confusing. This scheme goes through the sounds in a simple but effective way.

I am delighted with this new reading material which can be used with all ages.

The benefits of this scheme are already bearing fruit, as children in my class gain greater confidence and fluency in their reading.


Co Armagh


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