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NHS problems lie with bureaucracy

THE Health Minister is cutting front line services in Northern Ireland because of a fundamental failure to tackle bureaucracy and inefficiency in the health service.

Jim Wells is carrying on Edwin Poots' strategy of stripping back front line medical services, rather than taking on the enormous burden of over-administration and inefficiency.

If you look at the respective populations, our health service has 42% more non-medical staff - managers and bureaucrats - than the NHS in England. Our Department of Health spends £75 more per head than England.

These are crazy statistics, yet successive Health Ministers have consistently called for more money, rather than getting to grips with fundamental problems.

Right across the Executive the first instinct is to cut front line services. It's a senseless way to govern and will have a particularly dreadful effect on health, where professionals care for our most vulnerable citizens, burdened by costly and ineffective bureaucracy.


NI Conservatives

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