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Ni Chuilin: It's not my job to raise cash for the Ulster Orchestra

Because it is called the Ulster Orchestra. You can bet your boots if it was called the Ardoyne Orchestra she would be raising the money.

Brian Cathcart

Should the woman really have this job?

Mike Jones

The Ulster Orchestra is a part of our culture, so how can it not be the Culture Minister's job to raise the cash? Wrong person in the job.

Ross McKenzie

Why does every problem we have in our wee province always have to be broken down to a religious one? Stormont should be funding our orchestra. People seem to forget that the orchestra helps young people to get involved in music through their schools programmes.

Brian Hall

The reason the Shinners don't want to fund the Ulster Orchestra is because it is seen as being part of the Establishment. And this is just a cheap shot by the Shinners to have a pop at the Establishment.

Glenn Clare

Simple choice. Do your job or let someone else do it - someone who cares about retaining part of our heritage.

Paul McCullough

Why does everything in Norn Iron end up reduced to tribalism - even when there was nothing tribalistic about the initial issue? The Ulster Orchestra belongs to everyone in Ulster, brought people from both traditions together before integrated education was an option, raises the status of this country, is respected worldwide and plays a wide and diverse range of live music that appeals to different audiences.

Sharon McBride

In protest, I suggest the loyal orders protest outside her office playing Beethoven's Symphony Number 9 in D Minor.

Brian McCloskey

Nah, just stick to The Sash.

Colin Watterson

Surely it is part of her job? If she thinks it isn't, then maybe she shouldn't be doing it.

Janice Wilson-Haslem

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