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NI Railways needs vision to get back on track

It is a melancholy thing when there is no vision in the land and the passengers suffer.

I refer to Northern Ireland Railways whose management are forever trumpeting what a wonderful service they provide. In my own city of Londonderry where the Fleadh Cheol took place, thousands of people attended and NI Railways portrayed a sterility of mind by providing a completely inadequate service to and from the city.

Passengers were crammed in like sardines at the front of the train with standing room only the norm. To compound this idiocy three unoccupied carriages trundled along behind, for the apparent reason that the conductor could not service the large number of passengers spread over a longer train.

On the day I travelled on the Londonderry to Belfast train, I witnessed an overworked conductor issuing tickets to passengers when it arrived at Coleraine station. He ended up by telling them to get their tickets at the barrier on their way out.

NI Railways remind me of Don Quixote, a man in whom the imagination and pure reason are so powerful as to make them disregard the evidence and sense when it opposes their conclusions.

NI Railways you don't need more passengers, you need more staff to service the ones you have.

Wilson Burgess

By email

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