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NI21was always destined to fail

I write to challenge the ideas and beliefs in the letter (Write Back, January 19) seeking another party to defend the ideals of NI21.

There is that party here and now. It has been battling extremism for more than 40 years and it has a truly integrated, inclusive agenda.

NI21 did not appeal to the Catholic community and, although it had an unfortunate schism immediately before the last Assembly election, it was never going to meet the need for a party capable of appealing to Catholic/Protestant people of a moderate, unconfrontational nature.

The majority of the population are tired of the flag protests and the republican agenda - not to mention a disfunctional Assembly.

The politicians and the general public need to wake up or we are going to sleepwalk into a brave new world.

Where can we look for salvation? If we leave the European Community, where are we heading?


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Whitehead, Co Antrim