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NIMBY brigade show their colours to fight Blanchflower scheme

It is disappointing that the NIMBY brigade are already nailing their colours to the mast regarding the proposed Blanchflower Stadium development, without taking the time and consideration to study the proposal in full.

While one must sympathise with ‘No Stadium at Holywood Road’ (Writeback July 27) regarding the problems residents experienced regarding the parking at a recent H&W Welders match, this cannot be used as precedence for any future stadium development.

If we take the likes of Croke Park or the Millennium Stadium, it can be noted that parking problems can be overcome by invoking a no parking zone on match days, with the exception of residents who could be issued a special parking permit.

Indeed, rather than dismissing the idea straight away, the residents could engage with the Stadium Management Committee from the beginning of the project and perhaps solutions my be found for any other concerns they may have.

It is further disappointing to read how the writer goes on in their letter to generalise football supporters as ‘louts’ and deems them as not being able to manage alcohol ‘without the resulting violence’.

The writer also attempts to project the image of every football match that takes place causes a riot in an attempt to further their argument.

Readers will be aware that hundreds of games take place across Northern Ireland on a weekly basis and it is very rare for trouble to actually take place.

Rather than make outrageous claims that cannot be backed up with fact, perhaps proper dialogue can take place between the developers, residents and the wider football bodies to address their fears and concerns.

Andrew Rodgers


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