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NIW managers failed to spring into action

There is an annoying catchphrase, much over-used by people in management: 'thinking outside the box'. They use it - but rarely put it into practice.

This can be seen by the recent actions (or inactions) of Northern Ireland Water. In Coleraine, we are fortunate enough to have a spring which has been here for at least 100 years.

It proved a godsend for those of us without water. We were able to queue and fill up with as much, or as little, as we needed.

It occurred to me that other towns and villages must surely have something similar.

Would it have been too much for NI Water to look into this before resorting to Scotland for water supplies?

I mean, they delayed for six days before doing anything. Maybe that is what they were doing during that 'lost' period?

They could have used Army helicopters to go to the places concerned and fill up, as necessary (or even just come to Coleraine and take what they needed). However, none of that appears to have happened.

My experience of management is that they are good at lecturing other people (their underlings) on how to act, but hardly ever take the initiative themselves.


Coleraine, Co Londonderry