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No chance of jihadists flooding into Europe

Kevin Myers is right to point to the contradictions in the positions now adopted by countries which for so long enabled Gaddafi to perpetrate widespread human rights violations.

But his assertion (Comment, March 24) that European countries will have to give sanctuary to 'escaping jihadists' is scaremongering and misleading for a number of reasons.

Firstly, most of those being forced out of Libya are either migrant workers employed by multinationals which have no interest in human rights or refugees from sub-Saharan Africa.

Secondly, those whose demonstrations in Benghazi sparked the uprisings included women whose sons, husbands or brothers had disappeared in the slaughter of 1,200 political prisoners in Abu Salim Prison in June 1996. Thirdly, even the minority who seek the establishment of an Islamic state wish to see that take place in Libya itself and have never had any interest outside of their own country.

They may, therefore, see the liberation of their country as an opportunity to further their aims there.

The Refugee Convention and other international instruments exclude refugee status being given to those whose actions contravene internationally accepted norms. So there is no real likelihood of the international action against Gaddafi leading to sanctuary being given to jihadists in Europe.


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