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No defence for ban on assisted dying

I just wanted to commend Caroline Villar ("Time to change law on assisted dying, pleads NI woman whose mum suffered in agony to end", News, November 13) on her bravery in speaking out.

In the era of modern medicine, the choice to die peacefully at home, when it is the patient's express wish and their condition cannot be cured, should be made available.

The current system causes unnecessary suffering to patients and severe emotional strain on their relatives.

Legalising medically assisted dying would mean proper safeguards can be put in place and nobody need ever ask a family member to carry out a 'mercy killing'.

In countries where medically assisted death is legal, only a small percentage of the population takes up this option, but it provides reassurance to each and every person that they are entitled to ask for this and be supported.

I believe that a change in the law would remove the fear of a bad death for millions of people.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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