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No defending the indefensible in education

I SUPPOSE that one ought not to be surprised at Gavin Boyd's reluctance - inflated salary notwithstanding - to comment on the bacchanalian profligacy of the organisation for which he bears responsibility (News, May 28).

After all, who would willingly seek to defend the indefensible?

At a time when teachers are being made redundant, when pupils are being taught in portable classrooms, or in schools with leaking roofs and antiquated heating systems - and when schools are facing a shortfall of £300m for outstanding maintenance work - it should come as some surprise to hear that Mr Boyd and his CCEA staff feel able to decamp en masse (or so it would seem) on no-expenses-spared junkets around Europe.

For those of us at the education delivery point, the work experience is somewhat different.

In my own school, as I suspect is the case in most schools, any functions to celebrate staff achievement are paid for by the staff - not funded by the taxpayer.

As for school trips, we make many - including two trips per year to Galway for sporting purposes.

Staff and pupils travel by minibus, or, if numbers dictate, by small coach.

No consideration is given to the hiring of a private plane - or to staying in top-class hotels.

To adapt L P Hartley, obviously CCEA is another country. They do things differently there.




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