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No easy solutions to borders dilemma

Unsurprisingly, Nicola Sturgeon has called for a second Scottish independence referendum.

It must surely be lost on no one that if we had voted to remain in the EU, this would not have happened. But that is now water under the bridge.

However, there is a deluge yet to come, including a tragic dilemma that may well finish off the UK as presently constituted.

Everyone is rightly determined to avoid a hard border in Ireland, and that disaster may well be averted.

Polls show that in Scotland concern about a hard border at the Tweed, should Scotland become independent, is a major argument against separation.

Yet, if a hard border is avoided in Ireland post-Brexit, the SNP will rightly claim that it could also be avoided between England and Scotland, boosting the independence argument.

Conversely, if negotiations fail and a hard border is inevitable between Northern Ireland and the Republic, with checkpoints and tariffs, this would probably put many in Scotland off independence, as equivalent barriers in Great Britain are equally unimaginable.

Unfortunately, there may be no happy resolution to this dilemma.



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