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No excuse for killing bears

In response to the claims that the Ministry of Defence’s bearskin caps are sourced from ‘culled’ black bears, readers should know that there is no official Canadian government cull of black bears and neither the MoD nor the British Fur Trade Association have offered a shred of evidence that the fur is sourced from an alleged Innuit cull.

These furs are supplied by commercial hunters who shoot bears, assassination style, at baited barrels. This is a commercial enterprise in which the female bear, when she has cubs, is the most prized because her fur is thicker and glossier.

The fur of the mothers is sold through North American fur auctions and used to make the hats of Guards officers.

Also note that there is no overpopulation problem in these areas and the human population is not threatened by black bears.

This is a cruel and unnecessary trade and our Government is supporting it.

Please visit for more information and video footage.

Alexia Weeks,

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, London

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