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No excuse for violence in a democracy

If democracy is not to be damaged irretrievably after the events during the student protest march, then a balanced view from our politicians is essential.

While I have every sympathy with the fear felt by the Royal couple when their car was attacked, I was equally appalled by the sight of policemen and women swinging their batons, bludgeoning students, some of whom were possibly trying to get out of the way.

There is no excuse whatsoever to strike anyone around the face or head. I do not condone that action by either the police or protesters. I was nauseated by the pompous outpourings of the Prime Minister, who offered whole-hearted praise for the actions of the police, but said nothing of the student undergoing brain surgery.

Democracy is damaged if citizens are afraid to protest lawfully because they fear for their safety from a police force which is meant to protect our rights - not use disproportionate violence to maintain peace.


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