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No hope for us if we continue to elect these fools

Bartholomew Sholto (Write Back, March 7) is spot on when he says Northern Ireland has consistently wasted its EU money over the years. Indeed, it has also consistently mismanaged its Westminster block grant as well.

This is why devolution does not work; direct rule would be far better. Unlike their counterparts in the rest of the UK, politicians here do not have to deliver anything to ensure their re-election.

If the electorate suddenly started to vote sensibly on the basis on actual deliverables, no MLA/MP would be elected.

As my old Latin tutor at Stowe, PG Hunter, used to quote from the Satires of Juvenal, concerning Ancient Roman politicians: "Yesterday, they were unkempt ruffians, today they control our lives, tomorrow they are keepers of the public lavatories."


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